ANICAV was established on 5 February 1945 by canned vegetable producers in Naples to protect their industry during wartime shortages and gain organisational independence.

Today, ANICAV is the leader of the vegetable canning industry in Italy and the most important association of tomato processing companies in the world, covering two primary sectors of tomato and vegetable processing. As a part of the Italian canned vegetable industry for the past 80 years, ANICAV has created a vibrant industrial environment, bringing together small and large businesses in the vegetable-processing sector. ANICAV was the first to advocate quality controls on food exports and eliminate sulphur dioxide in semi-finished products.

ANICAV members today represent three-quarters of all Italian tomato processing companies (with a turnover of 2.8 billion euros) and legume processing companies (with a turnover of 0.6 billion euros).

ANICAV supports the canning industry through innovative initiatives and promotes dialogue between farmers and processors on agricultural and industrial planning.