Versatility and Varieties

Red Gold from Europe Organic canned tomatoes are a versatile kitchen staple that come in different forms and can be used in so many recipes, such as sauces, stews, or soups, providing the highest quality product for the best taste and flavour in your final dishes.

We offer a range of varieties to choose from:

Organic whole peeled tomatoes are canned as soon as they are picked, boiled, peeled, and preserved in their own juice. They have a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness and require minimal preparation, making them ideal for many dishes such as pasta sauces, pizza, soups, stews, and meat or fish recipes.

Organic diced tomatoes are made by chopping and removing the seeds from fresh tomatoes and preserving them in their juice. They have less water content, making them perfect for quick pasta sauces or fish dishes.

Organic cherry tomatoes are canned with their juice immediately after harvesting to preserve their sweet flavour. They are excellent for adding vibrant colour to vegetable dishes, making quick-cooking sauces and oven-baking.

Organic tomato passata (tomato puree) is made from pureed tomatoes that are heated very briefly to a very high temperature so that the nutrients are not altered, then strained, slightly concentrated, and bottled. Passata has a creamy density and an intense flavour with a marked sweet note. It is perfect both for quick cooking recipes, such as marinara sauce or slow cooking recipes, such as ragu.

Organic tomato concentrate is made from boiled and reduced tomato purée. It’s perfect for adding colour and flavour to slow-cooking dishes such as meat sauces, soups, stews, and casseroles.