Why Choose Red Gold from Europe Organic canned tomatoes?

There’s no need to fret when you cannot find fresh tomatoes because high-quality organic canned tomatoes are an excellent substitute. Organic canned tomatoes are made from naturally sun-ripened organic tomatoes harvested at their peak.

Choose Red Gold from Europe Organic canned tomatoes as your go-to option for a superior flavour and a healthier boost. Our commitment is to use only EU-certified organic tomatoes that are sustainably and ethically grown.

Red Gold from Europe Organic canned tomatoes are crafted with only EU-certified organic tomatoes sourced from trustworthy EU-certified organic European farmers who cultivate tomato plants organically in their ideal growing conditions, such as the Mediterranean. The soil in this region is nutrient-rich, diverse, and exposed to just the right amount of sunlight, enhancing the tomatoes’ nutritional value and flavour.

Red Gold Organic canned tomatoes are made from organic tomatoes that are cultivated entirely free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers and nourished by nutrient-rich soil full of biodiversity that enhances their nutritional value and flavour.

Organic farming practices

Organic tomato cultivation utilises a natural approach to farming, aiming to minimize environmental impact through the responsible use of energy and natural resources. This method promotes biodiversity maintenance, preservation of regional ecological balances, enhancement of soil fertility, and the maintenance of water quality. By avoiding synthetic substances and processes, organic farming fosters a healthier ecosystem, supporting beneficial insects, wildlife, and plant species, and embodies sustainability principles, prioritising the environment and promoting a more harmonious relationship between agriculture and nature.

These farming practices result in superior tomato produce that is reflected in the final quality of Red Gold Organic canned tomatoes using European organic tomatoes.

Choose Red Gold from Europe Organic canned tomatoes to have a burst of the Mediterranean summer flavour anytime you wish and help to maintain biodiversity, ecological balance, and soil quality through your consumption habits.

Trust and Transparency

To ensure consumer confidence in EU-certified organic products, the EU enforces strict measures to monitor the organic regulations which must be followed in all stages of the supply chain.
EU- organic certification procedure also extends to the food processing, distribution, and retail sectors: farmers, processors and traders are all subject to checks at least once a year to ensure their quality and traceability within the supply chain.