8 March 2021

ANICAV / Red Gold from Europe is proud to take part in the largest food Trade Fair in Asia, Foodex Japan

Enjoy our daily cooking sessions ‒ from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm – with our brilliant chefs. Stop by at our booth 4G00 Hall 4 Makuhari Messe Chiba. You can easily find it by following.

9 March -Tomato Catalana Chef Yoji Ando from the popular Yoyogiuehara restaurant will show you how canned tomatoes may become a delicious dessert

10 March -Vegetables pizzaiola style starring Ikuko Kaitani, Maestro of Japanese-Italian fusion cuisine.

11 March 11:30:12:30 ‒ Stewed chicken and tomato rice 5-star rice Meister Rie Shibuya will show how one dish can be both a first and main course.

11 March 12:30-14:30 – Decorate Rose Sushi and Miso ball Art starring Maestro Miyuki Shinada of Sushi roll Art and Miso ball Art.

12 March – Miso tomatoes full of Umami Food Education specialist Shiori Nakamaura will showcase this all-powerful sauce.