6 April 2020

Everyone’s Recipe

K.S. (10.6.2020)
<<Tomato and Okra Stir Fry>>
Stir fry onions, okra and tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper, cumin, and other spices you like.

T.M. (08.31.2020)
<< Tomato Fougasse >>

Flour 200g
Tomato confit 40g
Dry yeast 0.8 g
Basil a few leaves
Water 125 g
Olive oil 12.5 g
Salt 4g
Fermented dough ☆ 25g
(Preparation) Rehydrate dry yeast with 3 times as much water. (30 minutes)
Chop tomato confit (semi-dried tomatoes in olive oil) and basil.
① Mix flour with ingredients other than tomato and basil. When the dough is mixed, knead the chopped tomatoes and basil. It’s OK if the dough becomes smooth.
(2) Primary fermentation: 60 minutes at room temperature. Punch once on the way.
③ Divide: Divide the dough into two equal parts.
④ Molding: Mold into a leaf shape of about 15 cm, make a notch in it, spread it, and sprinkle olive oil and salt (optional) on the surface.
⑤ Secondary fermentation: 30 minutes at room temperature.
(6) Baking: Put steam in an oven preheated to 260 degrees on the top and 230 degrees on the bottom, and bake for 10 to 15 minutes.
Memo *
・ Do not knead the dough too much, and it is OK if it becomes smooth.
・ Fougasse is a specialty of Southern France (Provence) and is eaten with an aperitif (apéritif).
・ By adding fermented dough, it promotes the fermentation of the dough.
☆ Fermented dough
・ Flour 100g, water 60g, salt 1g, dry yeast 0.5g

<<Tomato jam >>
・ Tomato 500g
・ Sugar 180-200 g
・ Orange vinegar 2 tablespoons
Cut tomatoes into 1 cm squares, put them in a pan with granulated sugar and orange vinegar, and cook over medium heat. When it boils, reduce the heat, smooth it with a blender, and simmer to the desired hardness.

Grilled Cheese and eggplant with tomato sauce No 2 (M.I.) (09.16.2020)

We increased the amount of zucchini and potatoes ~ 🎵 This time we used canned tomatoes. It has become sweet and sour.

Grilled Cheese and eggplant with tomato sauce (M.I.)

① Slice the eggplant and tomatoes to the size you like.
② Dip eggplant in water to remove it.
③ Arrange sliced eggplant and tomatoes on a plate.
④ Sprinkle a proper amount of chicken glass soup, salted pepper and olive oil.
⑤ Bake the cheese with an appropriate amount for 10 minutes at 200℃ toaster

H.M. (05.26.2020)

Vinegar dishes

I added vinegar to the original cabbage and bacon stew. I cooked in sushi vinegar, broth, salt and pepper, sugar, and canned tomato, and I left it overnight. It was delicious.

H.M (04.19.2020)

Tomato and Mackerel Stew

Tomato and Mackerel Stew

Saute the seasonal vegetables such as paprika, king oyster mushroom, carrot, onion, zucchini, eggplant, etc. with olive oil, soften, add tomato cans, bouillon, white wine, magic salt and boil them. Add the juice and stew lightly

It is delicious even if you add a little curry powder if you like.

J.H. (2.12.2020)
Anhydrous non-oil tomato stew

  • Chicken thigh
  • Cabbage
  • Onion
  • Carrot
  • Any favorite vegetables
  • Whole canned tomatoes
  • Salt and pepper, consomme, bay leaf, etc.

① Put vegetables other than cabbage in a pressure cooker
② Break the whole tomatoes and insert
(The tomatoes left on the rim of the can are loose with white wine and put in GOOD)
③ Put cabbage so that the lid is closed and put on fire
④ Take the pressure over 10 minutes and let it go down from the fire and let the pressure drop naturally.
⑤ Adjust the taste with seasonings such as salt and pepper.

Eggplant Meat Gratin

  • Ground meat 100g
  • Onion 1
  • Eggplant 2
  • Carrot 1/2-1/3
  • Penne: 60g (it’s bulky so you don’t need it)
  • Tomato can: 1 small can
  • Olive oil
  • Salt and pepper: a moderate amount
  • Consomme granules: just under 1 tsp
  • Melting cheese: Eggplant hides
  • Parsley: a moderate amount
  1. Eggplant is cut in half and sliced in water. Chopped onions and carrots. Boil the penne on time and lightly sprinkle with olive oil.
  2. Stir the eggplant in olive oil and lightly brown it until it comes to a plate.
  3. Stir fry onions and carrots. When it’s tender, add minced meat and fry until the redness disappears.
  4. Put the can of tomato, salt/pepper and consommé granules in 3 and simmer for a while mixing.
  5. Adjust the taste, put Penne and half tomato sauce in a baking dish, lightly sprinkle the remaining tomato sauce. Spread fried eggplant on it, sprinkle with melting cheese and sprinkle with parsley.
  6. Bake until the cheese melts in a warm toaster

H.M.(2.13.2020) Tomato roll cabbage